And then there were 5

Tonight when I looked out back I saw the dog eating a chicken. Ryan went out and got the chicken away from the dog and put the dogs in the house. I went out and grabbed the chicken. Coming from a medical background the first thing I thought about what how can I fix it. The wounds were on the back, neck and she had a broken foot. Without giving you the details the wounds were really big and more feathers/skin were missing then I wanted. The care giver in me still wanted to try and do something. We hooked up the hose to clean the wounds. Finding the one on the neck we decided that the most human thing to do was to put the girl out of her misery. The only problem with this plan is we had no idea how to do such a thing. After making some phone calls and gathering information we tied her up and Ryan did the deed while I got a trash bag.

It is amazing how they become part of the family so quickly. How did we get so attached to a chicken so quickly?

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