Archive | January 2017

Winter Blues

It seems to me that the colder it gets outside, the more I think about Spring.  Today it is freezing rain and I have a laundry list of chores that I need to do…what am I doing?  Sitting in front of the fireplace dreaming of the summer garden.  It is time for seed orders and planning.  The problem is that winter is also the time to catch up on everything else. Like house work and repairs that never can happen during the warmer months because we have so much other stuff to do.  I need hours to plan the garden, graph paper, charts, excel documents, seed catalogues, food storage inventory and customer orders.  I love it and hate it all at the same time.  If I do it right and take the time to plan everything perfectly now, the summer will run on auto pilot.  Today I am 100% in the right frame of mind to think of the garden.  However, the hole in the fence where the fox is getting through, the piles of laundry, Christmas decorations that need to be put alway, apples that need to be baked into pies and sauce.  The work is never ending, so my seed catalogues will sit another day, while I go about my work, hoping the someday comes someday soon!