Archive | October 2018

Our Current Season

We are learning that our plans are not always God’s plans.  This year has been very difficult with my health as well as with the weather.  Mud is a very difficult thing to farm in.   The animals have struggled with the mud, the crops have struggled and honestly I have struggled.  Our CSA season was very short.  The garden did not do well at all, you know it is going to be a rough season when you are harvesting pumpkins in July.  I believe God used these struggles to show us that maybe we need to take a step back from trying to make the farm a business.  We love our farm and that is not going to change.  We are going to continue to do almost all of what we are doing, we are just going to cut back to a Homestead Scale instead of a Farm Income scale.

For the next several years we will not be offering a CSA.  We may or may not offer pigs and we are going to be cutting back on our eggs and chickens.  Our focus is going to be raising the food for our family and enjoying our children while they are still here at home with us.

One day, way too soon, my children will be grown and I will get back into making the farm a business.  For now, I am going to focus on growing relationships not vegetables.  We are blessed with amazing children and a wonderful community.  That is our focus.  We will nurture and tend to those relationships, while working the farm for just our family’s food.

Thank you to our many wonderful customers, mentors and friends for your support.