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July: Less Plastic- Dishes

In the month of July, we have renewed our commitment to limit single use plastic in our lives. I will remind you, we are not perfect. However, we are working to make changes. As a family this a a goal we have been working towards for the last couple of years. Taking it up a notch in 2021.

I am going to try and make several posts about the everyday changes we have made to reduce plastic. What has worked and what we have not liked.

For no particular reason lets start with dishes. A job that never ends. We have tried to make our own dishwasher soap out of washing powder, citric acid and something else. I tried a couple of Pinterest recipes. I did not care for them.

I have tried to make my own bar dish soap and wash all my dishes by hand. It worked ok. It still was not my favorite. I did learn however, if there was a issue with soap supply, that I can survive, make my own and clean my dishes. I call that a win.

What we have found that works best for us is a product from the company Dropps. These are dishwasher pods that come in an all paper box, and contain dissolving vegetable based pods. They work. They don’t break the bank. Best of all they come to my door. Win all around and I am not doing all the dishes by hand! Lesson learned with these is dont get them wet. The veggie packets will dissolve easier than other pods. Still a win in my book.

Another change that we have made is we no longer buy sponges. I use washcloths and a reusable scrub brush which I already owned. I will be replacing it with a wooden scrub brush when it needs it, but I am not going to throw away something that works.

These are two simple changes we have made in our dish routine. What have you done? I would love to hear from you.