Spring Buzz

The farm is all a buzz, literally, with two bee hives and spring flowers we have the hum of bees in our ears. The downside to the bees is that they like the water that drips out of hoses. We have to be very careful when we pick up the hose and fill the animal waterers. The bees are very helpful with farm chores and will ride on your shoulder or pant leg to keep you company. We are very thankful to have them around. I would hate to have to hand pollenate all of our plants. We already have tomato flowers that are ready for the bee’s assistance.

Every spring on the farm is filled with the sound of chicks. PEEP PEEP PEEP PEEP. This sound can be heard in the barn, the backyard and our bathroom. Turkeys and ducks serenade us day and night, did I mention night! I am ready for the chicks to all be outside. I am thankful that warm weather is in the forecast.

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