Our first dozen

Over the last six months we have bonded with our birds.  They are all members of the family.  I know that sounds so hippie like but it is true.  They bring us so much joy and we really enjoy just watching them do chicken things in the backyard.

Ryan and I built them a very pretty chicken coop.  (That is a post I hope to back blog about).  It has two nesting boxes in it, including very comfortable wood shavings to lay their eggs on.  Everyday we would go out in the morning to let them out and we would check for eggs.  We anticipated the day when there would be wonderful eggs waiting there for us.  Last week I went out to let the girls out in the morning as I normally do, I checked for eggs and yet again nothing.  As I started my walk back towards the house I noticed that one of the chickens went into the area where Ryan keeps the lawn equipment.   I watched this chicken make a nest one a pile of rocks with some leaves and grass from the yard.  The nest was in the corner behind the gas cans next to the spare tires.  There in this very red neck nest our “green” chicken laid her first egg.  A joy came over me.  It was so cool and exciting, such a rush. I am sure the rush feeling was only increased by the gasoline fumes.

The next day the “purple” chicken laid an egg in the red neck nest.  We have gotten 2 eggs a day for the last six days and today we have our first dozen.  What a joy this whole process has been!

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