Correction: our second dozen

I was so excited two days ago to announce that we had received our first dozen eggs, however, we learned today that the chickens have actually laid two dozen eggs, not one dozen like the thought.  So little did we know that our chickens had been laying eggs in a compost pile that we were letting cook and had slightly covered and stopped adding food scraps and lawn clippings too.  When Ryan went out to turn the pile this afternoon he found a very nice nest in the grass clippings.  In this nest there was 14 eggs.  We cannot believe it.  This whole time we thought that only two of the chickens were laying eggs when actually 4 of them are laying.  We are sad to say that we are going to just turn those eggs into the compost.  We are not sure how long they have been sitting there and do not really want to break them open.  But we learned a very important lesson today, leave the chickens in coop until noon, this way they lay the eggs in the very nice nesting boxes that we made for them and not in the compost bin and not next to the spare tires.

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