5 second update

I am so bad about posting. Everyday I think I am going to make a grand post and catch everyone up, but the reality is I just do not have time.  In the summer, like every other farmer in the world, we work from sun up to sun down.  We collapse into bed and do it all again the next day.  I have loaded a couple pictures to just let you get a peak of our world, and I hope to wake up tomorrow as Wonder Woman and be able to manage my time perfectly. The reality is I am just happy if I wake up, my family is fed and everyone has clean underwear.

Here everything is, in no particular order.  We have had 5 baby goats born.  Raised and butchered 50 chickens. We have 15 turkeys and we are preparing to have a 1000 foot frost free water line put in for the back fields as well as a high tunnel.  The garden is doing good, we are learning a lot.  Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoyed our brief update.

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