Bucks available

I had someone contact me looking for a buck.  The email they entered on the contact page was not correct and I can not reply to them.  If that was you, please recontact me… everyone else, here is an update about our buns.

Our rabbits have had a good winter and a good spring.  We have been selling trios to future homesteader and have really enjoyed getting to meet so many amazing people.  I think that has become one of our favorite thing about our small little business.  We are getting the chance to become apart of peoples lives.  It has been great and we look forward to all the new people we get to meet in the future. 

Currently, we have three breeding does, one just had a litter of 10 weaned and the other two are pregnant and due within two weeks of each other.  We have 2 bucks that are the main part of our herd that we just love to pieces.  They are very social and love the attention they get from anyone that wants to rub their heads.   We currently have 3 bucks that are for sale.   They also have become love bugs are enjoy their hay and head rubs daily. 

We have moved one of our does into our garden.  She did not like being in the rabbit barn with everyone else.   She enjoys the personal attention she gets from me as I tend the garden and she really enjoys it when she gets clover or radish greens.   I think she is going to become one spoiled bunny! 

Well that is all our rabbit news.  If you would like more information about our bunnies, please feel free to send me a message in the Contact Us page. &nbsp

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