In the last couple of weeks we have had our vacuum cleaner and clothes dryer break. At first I did not think I could move on. Is the another way to get the dirt off the floor?  I have realized how much I rely on that little plug in the wall.  So many things that we do everyday require us to plug them in, including the computer I am writing this on.  But have you every stopped to think about what you could “unplug” and “do things the old fashion way”? So in the last two weeks I have unplugged my clothes dryer, my coffee maker and my vacuum cleaner.  It has taken a while to get used to it, but I think I like it better this way.  I make my coffee every morning using a tea pot and a coffee press.  The coffee has amazing flavor and I can reuse the grounds for afternoon ice coffee.  I do not miss my coffee maker at all and I do not think that I am going to go back anytime soon, if ever again.

The next thing I changed was I stopped vacuuming.  This has been difficult.  We have 4 cats and 2 dogs…hair is a major part of my life…it is everywhere.  The good thing is I have hardwood floors and I am able to sweep up most of the hair.  My challenges have been area rugs, furniture and dusting.  I never realized how much I “dust” with the vacuum cleaner.  So I have gone back to using a duster, and beating my rugs and pillows outside.  I am still looking for ways to get the hair and sand out of the couch if you have any suggestions, but all and all, I am getting along fine without the vacuum.

Last thing that I unplugged was my dryer.  Well, it kind of unplugged itself.  It stopped drying, my husband can fix it but the parts cost as much as another used dryer.  I decided to try and go the rest of the summer without it.  To help support me, my wonderful husband built me a clothes line out of pallet parts.  It is wonderful! It is almost 200 feet of drying area, I love the location in the yard and my sheets feel and smell great. We also have a small stand style clothes rack in the basement for the things I don’t want to air dry in-front of the neighborhood.   Between the two I feel that all of my clothes drying needs are met. My husband calculated that we will save $30 a month by not using the dryer…I am excited about that! I am going to use that money to support a child through World Vision.

So far I am enjoying unplugging things.  I challenge you, what could you do “the old fashion way”?  What could you unplug?

2 thoughts on “Unplugging

  1. If I unplug all three of my children, will my batteries be recharged??? Just messing. I love you are able to live without your plugs! Good for you 🙂 You could use tape to pick up the sand and hair from the couch?

  2. Is the hair from long-haired dogs? You can wear rubber gloves like latex Platex gloves (like the kind worn for washing dishes, etc.) or something similar–use your gloved hands to wipe up the hair (the couch is fabric?). Works well on fabric couches and carpets, especially harder to reach places like corners, on stairs, etc.

    Pet stores and other places sell a rectangular “sponge”-like thing that you can use in the same way…it can be rinsed out to clean. There are also wands or brooms with nubby extensions that work the same way too…I have one for my hardwood floor that is fantastic at getting all the hair (we have short hair dogs), sand, crumbs, dust, etc.–doesn’t fly around like it can when using a broom. Will try to find a link (Fly Lady & Don Aslett have products like that).

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