Aquaponics- Part 1: Greenhouse

We have finally taken a step to following our aquaponics dream. Some married couples go away for weekends alone, some go to marriage retreats, some go to marriage counseling…we build a green house.  We decided to buy a kit instead of building it from recycled materials like we had planned.  We knew time was short and we wanted to stop procrastinating. We bought a 12 x 10 foot greenhouse from Harbor Freight. It took us 3 evenings and 1 full day to put it together.  It was not a labor intensive project, it was a test in patience and teamwork, which I think we passed with flying colors.  After 6 frustrating months of not feeling like we had accomplished very much, it was very rewarding to build something together and have a feeling of accomplishment.

There are a lot of blogs about putting together this greenhouse out there… I think our only comment on the process is go slow, don’t skip steps, read the directions and be patient.  Here are some pictures of the project and it came to life.  Thank you to everyone that is helping us to make this a dream come true.




One thought on “Aquaponics- Part 1: Greenhouse

  1. Congratulations! As you said, time is always the biggest factor when tackling a project such as this. We found that out as well since we’re building ours from scratch with reclaimed lumber from an old shed. But any endeavor such as this will eventually hand you big dividends down the road 🙂

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