Why I do what I do

So why do I keep a blog and why do I grow my own food.  I am not a writer.  I am not a lifelong farmer nor do I have an agricultural degree.  I am just a Mom who wants to save some money and provide my family with the best food possible.  We have seen a drastic increase in gas prices over the past couple of years.  Food prices have also started to rise and will continue to go up.  The last, but certainly the not the least reason why I want to grow my own food is health reasons.  My husband and kids have Celiac Disease.  So many foods are made with fillers and preservatives that have hidden gluten in them.  I want to keep them healthy.  Ok so enough with reasons, here is what he have been up too.

                My first post was about my girls.  They are so much fun.  When we first got them they were yellow puff balls that lived in a Rubbermaid tote in our bathroom.  They outgrew the Rubbermaid tote in about a month.  From there they moved outside into a small dog house and a fenced in area.  I called it the “mini-coop”.  They stayed in the “mini-coop” while I tried for find the perfect chicken coop design.  After a couple days of searching I decided that finding the perfect coop was just like finding the perfect purse, it was never going to happen.  However, I did find a coop that was close to what I wanted.  www.thegardencoop.com has simple chicken coop plans that work well with are yard and our needs.  The good thing about buying a chicken coop plan is that my husband and I could be on the same page.  We were able to build most of the coop our of recycled materials.  The out of pocket cost for us was about $100.

                The girls love their new coop.  The roof gives them a place to get out of the weather and a nice safe place to roost at night.  Here is a picture of our finished hen house, I think it turned out great!



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