Gettin chickens

I would love to say that I grew up on a farm..but I didn’t.  I would love to say that I was forced to come to the city against my will, dragged kicking and screaming…but I wasn’t. For most of my life I have lived in a suburb of Baltimore. Within 15 miles of my house there are 3 Malls, 5 or more Walmarts, a major airport, Interstate 95 and Baltimore City.  It is no where close to life on the farm, however, my heart has always been on the farm.  I traveled 20 minutes during the summer in high school so that I could get a part time job on a horse farm.  At 18, I moved to a farm and worked as a farmhand in exchange for a room and board. I wanted way down deep in my soul to be a farm girl, but here I am in the Suburb.  I still want to be a farm girl, so with the support of my wonderful husband and kids I have decided to do everything I can to try and grow my own food and raise some chickens.

We have about an acre of land and we decided we wanted chickens, me being a suburb girl, I have never had chickens and know nothing about them.  However, I know you can buy chickens at Tractor Supply in the Spring! So after batting some eye lashes, my husband agreed to let me go buy chickens.  We came home with six fluffy, cute yellow chickens, a book on chickens, food and water dishes, a heat lamp and chicken food.  So here we are a suburb family raising chickens.  This is going to be a blast!! I am one step closer to being a farm girl, I think I will wear my boots today just for fun!

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