Fun in the snow

I have never been so happy to see snow.  I mean when I was a kid and I did not want to go to school, I would do the snow dance, pray for snow and even wear my PJ’s backwards.  And when if finally snowed and I got to miss a spelling test I was happy, but the happiness I had in my heart Saturday morning goes deeper than that.  First let me start by saying I am not a cold weather person.  In fact I do not think snow is fun, in my mind it is just cold and wet.  The only thing that is nice about snow is the warm fireplace and fresh baked goodies. My husband on the other hand comes from a part of the country that sees a lot of snow.  He loves snow in the same way I love crabs and baseball.  He associates snow with joy and comfort, a sense of being home.  This past week has been a rough one for him.  I don’t know anyone who loses their job and is “OK” with it.  When Ry woke up Saturday morning and saw the ground covered with snow his whole face lit up. So much so it gave me a lump in my throat.  When the kids woke up and discovered this white blanket, they were also overjoyed.  Talk of sledding and building snowmen filled the house and as I sat on the couch, by the fire, drinking my hot coffee; I watched pure joy flow from my family as they played in the snow. It felt like God had sent that snow just for them.  Ry was happy and at that moment the weight of the world was lifted off his shoulders.  He was not worried about jobs or money, he was just sledding in the snow with his kids. It was beautiful.


Our “wimpy girls”.

The kids and Ry were not the only ones happy to see the snow, the dogs were crasy.  Running through it, rolling in it, chasing it and eating it, they thought this white stuff was great.  The chickens however were not so sure.  We opened the chicken coop up so that the chickens could go out into the snow if they wanted too.  Ry, coming from a colder climate, said that he did not want to have wimpy birds.  So the chickens were happy to explore, however they would get a couple feet from the coop and get cold and not want to walk back through the snow to get back inside.  They all had to be carried back to the coop from wherever they had ventured too.  Eventually over the next couple days they got to the point where they would walk around and peck through the snow, but they stayed close to the coop and the shelter it provided.

My idea of fun in the snow!

I think it is funny how the snow calls some people out into it, and pushes others inside to warmth and comfort.  This weekend I found that the snow provides a different type  of comfort for different people  Ry, the kids and the dogs found joy and comfort in the snow, while the chickens and I would much rather stay inside. Either way we all found some comfort this past weekend.

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