Curve ball

The power of the curve-ball in baseball is that if used correctly it is not expected.  When the pitcher releases the ball from his hand it looks like it is just a normally fast ball down the middle, then at the last minute it curves to down and away.  Even though the batter knows the pitcher is able to throw a curve-ball, they still are never sure when it is coming.  Ry got thrown a curve-ball on Tuesday.  He got laid off after 7 years of service.  We knew it could happen, but we did not know when it would happen or if it would happen to us.

Some of our focus has now been switch from gardening to job searching.  It is funny how both things involve planting seeds and watching them grow. Both things have an uncertain future.  When you plant a flat of seeds you have no idea how many seeds are going to grow into fruit bearing plants.  But you give the seeds light, water, good soil and leave the rest up to the Maker.   Right now we are planting job seeds.  Trying to find continue faith in the Maker and know that He has a plan for our life.  So while Ry works on job seeds I am going to keep planting vegetable seeds, no matter where we go or what we do, we will need food. We had planed on buying Tilapia babies this week but that has been put on hold.  We are enjoying time together as a family and using the mulch and yard work for stress relief.  Please pray for us and all those that are out of a job right now.

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