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Homesteading and Simplism

Over the last several months we have been working on cleaning out the house and farm. With every load we take to the dump, recycling yard or the donation center a weight is lifted off of us. Now let me clarify, minimalism is a far way off. So I created a word, “simplism”. Autocorrect does not like me! We are attempting to simplify our life. We have a lot of manage, food, animals, garden, energy, water… the list goes on and on. I dont need to add clutter to that list. Throughout this process we have learned a lot, I am going to list three benefits of Simplism.

One: The greatest benefit has been the house is easier to clean. Can I get an “Amen”? We can speed clean the whole house in 30 mins as a family! When there is not as much clutter, there is not as much to pick up. We have eliminated “extra” furniture. This has reduced flat surfaces. Flat surfaces are magnets for clutter.

Two: We are organizing what is important and useful to us. This process has allowed us to better understand our resources. When I know what I have and I know where it is, I dont have to buy another one. It is saving us money and time.

Three: Reduced anxiety. I never realized how much clutter and chaos caused me anxiety. I admit it, at times, occasionally, once in a while, I am a control freak, maybe. Clutter makes me free completely out of control. It is embarrassing. It is distracting. Straight up stressful. With every load of “stuff”, most of which I cant even name what it was, the anxiety decreased.

How to Start? Just start with the easy stuff. Start by emptying trash bins. Recycle old newspapers and magazines. Clean out clothes have have holes or dont fit. It is a snowball effect. The more you clean out the more you want to clean out. You will not regret it. The hardest part is starting. Sent a timer, put on your jam and just start. It did not accumulate overnight, you dont have to get rid of it overnight. I will be praying for you!