Sunday: Prep day!

Being in the kitchen is something that brings me joy. I love creating and sampling my creations. On Sunday I get to be in the kitchen and let the rest of the world kinda drift away. I get to turn up music and sing while preparing for the week ahead.

For Christmas my daughter received a calendar with all the “National and World” Holidays on it. Today is National Pie day. Of course this is a holiday we must observe. We will have pot pie for lunch, which I made earlier this week and I will make small hand apple pies today with the left over pie crust in the freezer.

This week for breakfast we are going to be having sausage patties and bagels. Today I will cook the patties and bake the bagels. This makes mornings simple for everyone. I will be following a modified bagel recipe from www. I am still working out the kinks, when I get it to a good place, I will share the recipe here.

Lunches this week are going to be chicken salad and pulled pork. I have enough bread in the freezer so I dont have to bake that today. I roasted the chickens already, so I will shred it, add mayo, celery or radish, onion, and pepper. This will go in the fridge and be gone before I know it! Making chicken salad or other lunches ahead of time prevents us from having to buy lunch meat. The kids do not get much time for lunch and it has to be ready to go.

Dinner tonight will be pork roast. That will go in the instapot and the leftovers will become pulled pork for lunches. By making a “large” supper on Sunday, I can use the leftovers later in the week.

Since today is a light kitchen day, I will also spend time at the sewing machine. Also a very relaxing thing for me. I dont view it as a chores and Sunday is my day to do things I enjoy not just things on my to-do list. I have some clothing to mend and a gift to make for a friend.

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