Poor piggie

One of our surprise piggies punctured his mouth and split his lip. It is almost like he gave himself a clef palette.  We took him to the vet when we realized how deep the puncture was and that there was internal soft tissue damage.

The vet is amazing! Im grateful that we have a large animal farm vet that has a heart for the animals. She sedated the piggie and sutured his mouth. The puncture went almost into his eye socket. It was very deep. Luckily, he had not developed an infection and we caught it early. Eight sutures later our little Scar Face boy is back together.

This is the number one reason our farm will never be organic. On an organic farm I would have had to kill this piggie or let him suffer. We got him the care he needed. This care includes an antibiotic. An organic farm can not give an animal an antibiotic.

We are back home now and my little Scar Face is not allowed to go back out with Mom for 24 hours. We are allowed to take him to nurse from her in the morning. Tonight he will stay with me, he still has too much of the sedation in his system. He does not like the idea of being away from Mom. So he screams. Non-stop screaming. I force fed him some goats milk by syringe and eventually by bottle. He took some but most drained out his cut mouth. Im praying he is going to be able to nurse! The milk has calmed him down some. He is almost asleep.

I hope, I will be able to transfer him to a dog crate soon so I can get some rest. Caring for this baby reminds me of the poem, So God Made A Farmer.


It is one of my favorite poems. Enjoy! Farm On and God Bless!

2 thoughts on “Poor piggie

    • Organic is a certification, it is like earning a badge or title. A farm has to pay to be organic. We say that we are better than organic. We do not spray anything or use any synthetic fertilizers. Organic farms do. We can label or farm as splendid, or super. Give me a good word. We will label are farm as that!

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