Catching Up

I am going to try and be a brief as possible but we all know I can be long winded.  This week we have had a goat with bot fly, we had a chicken get eaten by a fox, 25 new chicks and 5 new ducklings came in the mail, we are addressing some garden issues, and lastly we are harvesting from the garden.  It has been a very busy week. 

Hiccup the goat had a scab on his back, I am a picker so naturally I picked at it to see what it was.  I am very glad that I did, because when I squeezed the scab a small worm came out along with some puss and blood.  I contacted the vet and set pictures.  The vet sent me to Tractor Supply for an Antibiotic.  I cleaned the wound really well.  Some air did get in under the skin, so it sounded like crackling when you pushed on the skin surrounding the wound, but that only lasted about a day.  It has been two days and I am happy to announce that Hiccup seems to be doing great.  Below is a very bad picture, but this is the worm and stuff I was able to get out of the goat’s back. I crushed the worm before I took the picture, I`m sorry. 


The new chicks and ducklings are so cute and we are enjoying them like always.  With the egg shortage that is coming, I wanted to make sure that we had enough eggs to supply our family.  My husband and I also decided now that we are on the farm, we want to have a self sustaining breeding flock.  I did some research and I came across Delaware Chickens.  They are a heavy egg laying breed that has a good size for meat as well.  We ordered those, as well as, a random assortment of heavy brown egg layers.  We like them better than the Americanas.  The ducklings are for bug control.  I will keep you up to date on the breeding program. 




Cucumbers, cucumbers and more cucumbers.  We got the garden in the ground late so all we are getting at this point are cucumbers.  We weeds are so high someone asked me if we planted corn!  I am working every morning, pulling weeds, tying up tomato plants and laying down newspaper, cardboard boxes and feed bags for weed barrier.  I am determined to get these weeds under control.  Wish me luck. 


This is the after picture of the plants tied up and weeded.


This is the before picture of the tomato plants!

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