Sunday Summary

Well we feel like failures, the cold weather came on so quick and we were just not prepared for it.  Most of the beds that we put row covers on were killed by frost.  We lost our beets, snow peas, cabbage and some broccoli.  It looks like we were able to save most of the purple broccoli for spring, the carrots, the head lettuce and the turnips.  The other major hit was to the green house.  Prior to this hard frost we had tomatoes in the green house that grew up one wall, over the roof and down the other side.  These tomatoes were growing great!!  The cold however, killed most of them.  There are still a few plants that were in the center of the beds, not touching any of the walls of the green house that seem to be OK, time will tell if they make it or not. 
The Chickens:
We lost a chicken this week.  I am not sure if it was because of the drastic change in weather or if it was just a tired chicken.  This chicken produced monster eggs and even though we loved her eggs, we knew that was a sign that something was not right.  We hope that she had a good life and we are thankful for the eggs that she gave us.  She was very sweet and liked to be held.  This is a picture of her last week, she died on Monday.


The Rabbits:
The rabbits seemed to do OK with the cold.  Last spring we insulated most of the Bunnie Barn.  There is still one wall to do behind the Does cages, and my husband hopes to get that done this week. There just never seems to be enough time in the day.  The insulation that is in the Barn helped to keep it warm and none of the waterers froze this week.  We still have one rabbit in a hutch in the garden. Her waterer froze and we are hoping to sell another one of the does this week to make room for her in the Barn.  She has 4 babies that are growing well and were able to keep warm in the nest this week. 

The Greenhouse:
Other than loosing the tomatoes the greenhouse seemed to do OK this week.  The water temperature dropped to 11 degrees Celsius (51.9 degrees F.).  We do need to add water, but the fish are still doing great and we have not had any of these goldfish go belly up. We are completely perplexed. The tilapia were dropping like flies in this system and the goldfish are doing great!  Blows my mind.  The tilapia and cat fish are still doing well in our dinning room, but eventually it would be nice to get them outside where they belong.  If we are going to have as harsh of a winter as they say we will, it might be best to leave them indoors until we get the hot water heater in place.

Thanks for reading my Sunday Summary, my tea is done so I am going to go.  Keep warm! 

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