Sunday Summary

The realization that the cold weather is coming can not be denied anymore.  I contacted the local apple orchard and placed my winter order.  Next Wednesday, I will be picking up 6 bushels of apples.  We are hoping that will get us through the winter, but with the way my family eats apple I honestly am just hoping it will get us to Valentine`s Day. 
During the winter we try and not use the furnance except to take the chill off in the morning, so that I will get out of bed.  I am not a morning person, especially in the winter.  This week temps are suppose to be in the 20`s so it will be a good way to guage how much wood we are going to use a week.
Christmas is coming soon and I would like to give as many homemade presents as I can.  In the past I have done a gift or two for my husband and kids, but this year I would really like to do more.   I am excited but I am worried it is going to be a difficult year to try this.  My Lyme Disease has returned and my hands are not as strong as they once were.  I am hoping that as I take the medication my strength will come back.  No matter what we do, we will try and keep Christmas as simple as possible.  We are focusing on spending quality time with family. 

Around the farm things are also getting ready for winter.  We are done breeding rabbits for the year and will start breeding them again the first of Feburary.  Last year we lost two litters to the cold and we do not want to ever do that again. 
The chickens are finishing up their molt, and growing in nice down feathers to keep them warm this winter.  Their egg production is down, which is to be expected and it will probably stay down because of the cold weather we are getting. 

In the aquaponics system, we have moved the some fish around.  The tilapia are now in our dining room in a 55 gallon tank.  They are growing and seem to be happy there at last count we think that we have between 45 and 50.  In the greenhouse, we have put the gold fish from the garden pond into the aquaponics system.  I hope I am not speaking too soon, but they seem to be doing great!  This is wonderful, but it still does not explain why the tilapia were dying in the system.  We have asked a fellow tilapia person to come out and help us, we are hoping they come in the next week or so. 
Well, the fire place is roaring, my tea is steeping and my favorite radio program is coming on, so I am going to find my crochet hook and relax.  I hope everyone had a good weekend!

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