All you have to do is Ask!

With all the projects that we have going in the backyard we needed tons of mulch.  The mulch is going to be used for creating paths through the winter mud, filling in raised beds, mulching the playground, mulching the chicken yard and as the base for two new garden beds we are creating this year.  My plan was to get free mulch from the County dump.  The people there are wonderful and what could be better than free.  The only down side is that it was 30 minutes away and involved $6 in tolls.  Ry and I even enjoy loading the mulch ourselves, who needs a gym!  It was very rewarding.  In order to keep up with our high mulch demands the kids and I are suppose to being getting two truck loads a week.  Last week, 1/6/12, I woke up with a dislocated shoulder.  My plans for mulch loading have been put to an end. It was frustrating but Ry and I knew that God would come through and if the garden plans were His will for us He would provide.

I am happy to say that He has provided!! A tree company was doing work in our neighborhood trimming the trees above and around the power lines.  Ry asked them if they could dump the fresh wood chips in our yard, they happily agreed.  The company was having to pay $30 a load to take them chips to the dump and would be more then happy to dump them in our backyard instead.  Wahoo, just like that we have two dump trucks full of wood chips/mulch in the backyard.  Ry and I feel like we have hit the lottery.  We are so blessed and thankful for this gift of mulch.

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